Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got yer mullet right here...

Yes, they still teach the dreaded Mullet.
Or in CLiC, it is called "The Renegade"
Whatever.A new name does not hide the fact that it still looks awful.

We are using our "Kyle" mannequin, who looks like a homeless person. He has long hair and a long beard. Since we have to get 5 haircuts out of Kyle, we can only cut off like 1-2 inches per haircut.

Although I completely rocked the Mullet(excuse me, "the RENEGADE") I am still a little embarassed that I know how to do it. Will people actually come in and request it? Will someone sit down in my chair and say "I wanna look like Achy Breaky heart". I doubt it, yet they still teach it. I guess we are in North Carolina, I may need to keep this one handy at the back of my mind to pull up in case of a mullet emergency.

However, since we could only take off an inch or so the overall look was a longer, fuller mullet.
Kyle has naturally bouncy and feathery hair, so in the end he ended up looking like Andy Gibb.

Now not everyones looked like Andy.
Some looked like Kenny Rogers. Some looked like Alabama, circa 1983.
One cut hers a little short and Kyle was rockin the 1982 Steve Perry of Journey cut. It brought a tear to my eye. I walked by and started singing "Don't Stop Believin'.." It was hot.

On a completely unrelated side note. I am totally ready to throw the Wii out the window.
It has become the latest obsession in our house. Man, Woman and CHild alike. It is horrible.
Wii, you are from the Devil.
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