Monday, December 29, 2008

A hairwrecker no longer

One of the great things about cosmetology school is the ability to recognize when i am about to forge a hair disaster upon my person.
Now that the haircutting curriculum is 3 days from its finale and I have learned all the proper techniques and angles and have the proper scissors. No more orange handled kitchen fiskars, no more cutting willy nilly and using my own "Sarah techniques". I can give a good and proper haircut...real partings, real angles, real knowna nd proven CLiC techniques. No more backroom mediocre hairdressing. This is the real deal. Christmas eve I gave Charles and the boys haircuts. They turned out very professional if I do say so myself (And i DO say so myself)

starting monday we are on color. thats semi permanent, permanent, frosting, highlights etc.
No more crappy dye from the Rite Aid, no more "do it yourself highlights" that leave large blobs at the roots. No more pink hair, orange hair, etc. No more "what have I done!!" moments. i am forever finished with frenetic phone calls to Lindsey saying "Lindsey, help I did something bad"

I have a special license that allows me to go to the stylist only stores and get the REAL stuff.

I can call upon my mad styling skills to keep me from ruining my hair from this moment henceforth. (or at least in 4 weeks henceforth when color is done with)

This fact alone is worth the $18,000 tuition.

I will use this power only for good. I will use this power to help heal other hairwreckers. I will use this power to help restore the hair of current hairwreckers.

This I do solemnly swear.

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