Friday, December 5, 2008

Not just done, but Damn Done


yay and phew.

the written test was really hard. Lots of tricky questions, funny wording and a few questions I completely guessed on. But I am done done done. I am "Damn Done"

When my roommate from college (Jackie)c finished her Radiation for cancer the first time, she had a "Damn Done" party.

Not just done, but "Damn done". That is kind of how I felt about fingerwaves and pin curls.


I was looking through my computer this morning and realized I have so many great pictures from this year that I am going to do nothing but post a few pictures a day for the rest of the year,

For Christmas I am going to have a book published for my parents with all the different pictures from the year in it with little stories and descriptions

I think thats a fairly nice and reasonable gift.

Now just trying to figure out which ones I love, and which ones I hate and which ones to include so this little book doesnt turn into a $100 coffee table paperweight.
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