Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Charles!

The big 35. wow.
We were just children when we got married, how is it possible he is that old now? time flies.

So how did we celebrate?
well usually we go out to dinner, and I get him something silly, usually Yoda related, or a star wars themed potato head or pez dispenser(yes I realize i am enabling his dorkiness, I cant help it. I love this man o' mine: white, nerdy and all.)

So since his birthday fell on a sunday he asked me to prepare his favorite meal.: Lasagna.
Oh, and no cheating. I couldn't just go out and purchase a frozen one and call it a day. He wanted my "takes all day" lasagna. The kind that uses sausage and beef, homemade sauce and lots of ricotta and lots of mozzerella.
(I wish this picture was actually of my lasagna. Mine never looks that perfectly pretty when i cut into it. But it sure as heck tastes amazing. Thats one thing I am good at. Pasta dishes)

And he's going to need me to go ahead and get him a chocolate cake...that would be great, thaaaaanks (thats for all you Office Space fans out there).
Thank goodness for Harris Teeter. They have GREAT cakes in their bakery section, so he got the double fudge cake(which makes a great breakfast with a tall glass of ice cold milk) . It is rich moist devils food with fudgey frosting. I get heart palpitations just looking at it.

My parents came over and we ate lasagna and garlic bread and salad. We worked off some of the calories playing the wii(getting embarassingly whooped by a 5 and 8 year old) and then had a slice of Chocolate cake.

so all in all charles had a great day.
Carolina Panthers win + Homemade lasagna + Chocolate cake= great 35th birthday.
so thanks Panthers for helping a girl out!!

and Happy Birthday White and Nerdy. Here's to 35 more years of Lasagna and Chocolate cake!!

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