Saturday, March 28, 2009

the apology...mine this time

just let me be clear. This was not malicious. This was not pre-meditated.

I would like to preface this post with 4 words: I LOVE my husband.
I would also like to say, publicly, I'm sorry and I will fix it.

Ok here's the deal.
Last 3 weeks I have been in an advance class that required us to bring in hair models for free services. Cuts, perms, relaxers and color.
Well i was one short on my color and charles agreed to come in. My plan was just to put a clear demi-permanent glaze on his hair. That way the color wouldnt change, it would just make his hair shiny.
WELL turns out other people had that in mind as well and there was a run on the clear and we were out by the time friday morning rolled around. So we decided to take him up one step.
His natural haircolor is a level 7 and he is definately an ash. So his natural color was a 7A. We decided to bump him up one level to an 8A. That way there was very little difference and he would stay his ash blond color. I used the appropriate developer strength.
I did the color formulation and double checked and mixed the color. I applied it.
15 minutes later I rinsed. As I was towel drying his hair I noticed his hair was DEFINITELY not an ash color anymore. It had pulled red. Strawberry blonde red.Almost the color of those ginger tabby cats. There is no conceivable way this should have happened. I used a drab ash color. His hair is a natural ash tone. WHY it pulled red is beyond me. So I laid him back in the sink and tried taking out some of the brassiness with Silver Shine, which helps neutralize the orangy undertones. It helped a little, but he now looks like "not Gay Chet" from the Real World Brooklyn.(not gay chet is what they call him on The Soup, on E!. I love you Joel McHale)
I sent him home with silver shine shampoo as well, hoping that by using it every few days it will help eliminate the brassy color. It is ridiculous.
So I went to cosmoProf and got some beige/ash lightener. It says it is drab and eliminates red and orange. So we will see. This had better work or I may just have to shave him bald and call him Kojak for awhile.

so thank you charles for being my guinea pig for a grade, and I apologize about the color. I will fix it.
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