Friday, March 6, 2009

I graduated to advanced today!

Today was my LAST DAY in beginners class. I am REALLY going to miss my teacher.
I made her a little gift basket of lip balms, foot scrub, brown sugar body scrub etc. She was awesome and I really wish she were moving up with our class to keep on as our teacher.

But, Starting Monday I am an advanced student on the clinic floor. New Teacher, New Rules and clients!

I got a 100% on my final nail test (I rememberd all the "onychi" diseases correctly!)
and nailed my State Board Manicure(nailed, get it)

Then this afternoon we got to play around with our Nail kits and do some nail art.
So I glued down some thumb sized nail tips, painted them and had fun playing with the different art polishes. Yeah they arent great, but not bad for the first try. I had a lot of fun painting them.

SO now I am DONE with the hardest curriculum, and I passed with flying colors. I am really proud of myself. All those disorders and diseases just about killed my brain. But I managed to keep them all straight. So dont try and come to my chair with your ugly crusty Pig Toes (onychigryphosis) because I will KNOW what it is.
Dont think you can fool ME.  I studied all these nasty things.

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