Monday, March 9, 2009

Local Hair Competition

Last night was the local hair competition to represent our school at the Empire National Competition.
They had several categories. Nails, Long hair/evening design, mens trne cut and color, womens trend cut and color, and make up.
There were about 20 of us competing in Womens Trend cut and color.
We had an hour to cut and style the hair. We did the color ahead of time. I didnt want to be too bright and showy, which was my ultimate downfall.
There was music playing the judges coming around and getting right into the thick of things looking and watching and trying to intimidate us.

In the end I did not win. I came in third. My cut was better than the second place finalist, but her color was much more dramatic.
I am super happy though. I really wanted to win, but after I saw my friend Cammy's cut, I know she would win for sure(and she did). Our cuts were pretty similar, but her colors were blue and violet and turquoise, almost like a peacock. It was really beautiful.
I had my picture taken for the website and newsletter etc.
yay me.

I am really happy with my showing and feel really great about it. I did my best and turned in a beautiful cut.

I was told by several judges that had my color been a little more "out there" I would have taken second. They vascillated between me and 2nd place going over and over and over.
So I know that had I done something a lot more daring in the color department my standing would have been a little better.
but 3 out of 20 is not bad at all. I am really proud for trying and happy I placed! I beat out 17 advanced students, who had been there forever, many of which are close to graduating.
BUT my class had lots of winners! We took 2nd in nails, 1st and 3rd in womens trend cut and color and 1st in long hair design!

So here is my completed model. I didnt have my camera there, but some of my classmates did and they promised to send pictures of the whole competition. Ignore the raisin bran on the table.
Those darn kids dont know how to clean up.

so there you have it.I am a little miffed for not listening to my inner voice and going more bold on the color, but live and learn. Yes I was upset last night, but I am over it. I am really happy for Cammy. She was going to drop out because her self confidence isnt very high. But I yelled at her and forced her to do it. So had she not competed I would have taken second.
THEN the girl who took 2nd place I helped her with her color at the last minute yesterday as she was scrambling to get it done. Had I not helped, her model would have been incomplete. So had her model been incomplete I would have taken 1st.
See, I get 3rd place for being a nice person.
thats the last time I do something selfless.!!!
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