Friday, March 27, 2009

The Apology

Yesterday we got a call home from Finn's Kindergarten teacher.
"Finn has been very playful today...was not able to focus....fooling around..."
THEN came the kicker: "He really took it over the edge when he decided to test how far he could spit."

I am picturing it now in my head. I can just see him in his classroom, elbowing his buddy J_____, and saying "Hey J____, wanna see how far I can spit??"
then hock-tooey.

I dont know how many times he spit, or if he had a little gang around him watching, or when he decided to do it.

All I know is he was toast when he got home. I made him stay in his room with nothing but his books until dinner. Then we had some family time and he went back up to bed.
There is no TV and no Wii for 3 days. I even made him write the apology letter above.
I dont know if you can see the little tear stains on the paper or not. He was so mad at me.
"It's too hard" "I am just a little kid, I cant write such a long letter"(Well if it wasnt to hard to hock a loogie halfway across the classroom, then it isnt too hard to write a three sentence apology to your teacher.)

Then when he saw I was unmoved by his plea, he launched into the classics:
Im not your friend anymore" , "You are a mean mom. Im going to live at Amy's house!" and my personal favorite "I just dont want you anymore"
He ran the whole gamut of emotions:pleading, crying, yelling, screaming, apologizing, sweetness and light, back to screaming. It was a really fun day. No really, I enjoy my normally mild mannered sweet boy acting like a total jerkface. Makes me feel really good. I really feel like a good mom when he screams "I dont like you anymore" or "I dont want you anymore"(actually I think it is kind of funny. I keep my cool and he gets more and more frustrated trying to come up with insults and things he thinks will get him his way)

So Ms V, I apologize as well for my sons behaviour and his little salivary escapade.
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