Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finn explains The Oobleck

ok so in school(kindergarten) Finns class read about Oobleck. (dr Seuss gooey sticky rain or some such stuff)
His teacher brought in homemade Oobleck(cornstarch and water to make the gooey solid/liquid.)
The kids could use their 5 senses with it and then write down their observations on a piece of paper. It was all very sciency.

so I am re-creating what finn wrote in his boxes:

Sight: Mese
Touch: Stece
sound: Nuffing
Smell: bad ewwwwwww
taste(teacher typed WE DO NOT TASTE IT.)

so as a quick translation, for those of you who dont know how to read Kindergartener:
It looked MESSY
It felt STICKY
It sounded like NOTHING
It Smelled BAD(ewwwwwwww)

that kid. Nuffing. Thats what I am going to say from now on.
Hey, whats going on? eh, nuffing.
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