Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nails Suck

I dont enjoy doing nails as much as I thought I would.
I almost went to nail school instead. i thought, hey it is only 300 hours, I will be done in a few months, how hard can it be. I can do nails and make some money quickly and be done with it. Looking back I am SOOOOOO glad that I listened to my inner voice saying:"you really want to do hair. You dont really want to do nails".

Here in NC the cosmetology licensing includes nails. However this curriculum has NOT been very fun. I honestly dont know how those peole do it 8 hours a day.
Hunched over clients all day, sanding and scraping and filing and clipping and touching hands and feet. An dont get me started on the nasty pictures of fungus'd toes and feet I have had to look at and memorize. Just after a week and a half I think I am permanently stooped like an old lady with a dowagers hump. And forget about trying to keep your own nails nice. It aint happenin'.
UGH and WHY ON EARTH do all the diseases of the feet and hands start with Onych?? How am I supposed to remember them all if they all LOOK alike??
Why cant they just call it gross toe? No they have to call it Onychiatrophia or Onychikolitosis, or onychidontgiveacrapwhatitiscallediamnottouchingthatthing.

I go to lunch everyday thinking about crusty feet and tinea pedis etc,. blech, it literally makes me sick. and there are some women out there who come in, plop their feet in right away so you cant look at their nasty toes with a gigantic thick nail. "can you just file it, it is only a little fungus".
Uh no, you need to get yourself to a little podiatrist is what you need to do. Come in here with a nasty toe, trying to give everyone else the crusty's.
Back in the early part of the decade in California there was a huge outbreak of this thing called Mycobacterium Fortuitum Furunculosis. Shops werent sanitizing and disinfecting the foot baths properly. It is a state board test question that we have to know and the shorthand for it is MFF.
Want to know how I remember it?? AHHHHH! My friggin' Foot!!!
Yes thats how I remember diseases. i give them letters and then make up things to remember them by.
Onychiatrophy is OAT- Oh, 'at toenail is fallin' off.
stuff like that. silly but it works.
yes I love getting pedicures and manicures, but i am so glad I will not be the one doing it full time. It really kind of sucks. 2 more days of nails and I a DONE with the curriculum and will be on the floor full time!

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