Monday, March 2, 2009


This is the THIRD snow day this year for school. We got a pretty big dumping here in the Charlotte area. They havent seen this much snow since February of 2004, when a giant storm system stalled right over the Queen City and dropped about a foot.
We personally(here at my house), got about 3 inches, but in other areas of the city we are looking at more.

Down the road in South carolina there was an accident on I-85. At last look the backup from this accident was 20 miles long.
 People are just pinned in there, they cant go anywhere, so they have been stuck on I-85 in their cars for hours.  That would totally suck.

Day classes at my school have been cancelled. The night classes are to be announced, and if they do decide to have night classes I wonder if they will have the competition as planned.
Today was the local competition that I am entered in. If I win I go to Nationals for my school and have a chance to win some money and a trip. I am so ready to get it done and over with. 

snow, I bite my thumb at you.

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