Wednesday, March 25, 2009

yowza i hurt

so today I did THREE spiral perms.
count them...ONe TWO THREE.
If i ever see a flexi-rod again I will go absolutely Christian Bale on someone.

But they turned out beautifully, and I made 20$ in tips on those three and sold $50 in retail products. I did not, however, get a lunch at all. I was rolling and perming from 10am to 430pm.
I dont think I have any hair left in my nose, as it has all burned off after inhaling fumes all day.

My first perm was a woman with WAIST LENGTH hair. And it was kind of coarse and thick.
It took me over an hour just to roll her hair. But when the rods came out she had these thick, long beautiful spiral curls in her hair. They looked fantastic.

The second perm was on an asian woman with stick straight coarse hair. She loved it. Her hair was shoulder length, so her curls were a little more bouncy since she didnt have all that long hair weighing her down.

My third perm was a girl with long, virgin hair. Never been colored or chemically altered...EVER. She was in her late 20's. How someone can go that long without messing with their hair is beyond me. I was wrecking my hair right from the crib. hers turned out perfectly. We showed her how it would look kind of piled up on her head if she wanted to wear it out for an evening, and she squealed with delight. It was nice. I love that feeling.

so as much as I hate perms, I am no longer afraid of them. I guess I always had the Ogilve Home Perm disaster (story tomorrow) in my head and have always been leery of perms. But actually they have come a long way and are really nice if done right.

yay perms!
BUT my FEET are KILLING me. My heels hurt so bad they almost sting when I sit down. I feel like a little old lady hobbling along. I need a good Epsom Salt soak. I think I may break out the foot spa tonight and have a little rest after the kids go to bed(30 minutes and counting!)
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