Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am the Bargain Queen

I know you are all jealous of my bargain hunting skills. Prepare to be positively GREEN.

GOODWILL is right next to the YMCA where we work out. So after yesterday mornings workout, we decided to hop across the street and pop into to Goodwill to see what they had. All in all it was a successful trip.

Finn found a Full Size Buzz Lightyear toy($1 and in perfect condition). I found a a wooden vase from World Market (1.99, originally $30!!), a crystal 2 tiered cake stand (unopened $6!!). THEN the coup de grace. As I was over in the "electronics department" looking at a humidifier, I saw "IT".
Jam,es, from the backroom, brought it out.
I shook my head. I rubbed my eyes. I did a double take. Could it be?? YES! IT WAS!!
I sidled over(I really wanted to run, tackle, lick it and claim "MINE"). It was a G5, purple/maroon. It was in EXCELENT condition. I opened it up, it had a brand new kirby vacuum bag in (the kind with the hepa filter on it). I thought to myself "The only thing that could make this better was if it came with the box of hoses and carpet shampooer".
As if I had a magic Genie, out came James with (TA-DA) the box of hoses and accessories AND the carpet shampooer. I was stunned. In the accessories/hose box there were 3 more unused hepa bags. All the brushes were there. The carpet shampooer was complete, the hoses were in perfect condition adn crack free. The belts were clean and in great shape.
I had in my hand, a KIRBY vacuum cleaner complete with accessories and carpet shampooer.
I paid...get ready...get ready....wait for it ... TWENTY DOLLARS!!!!!
Yes, $20 for a kirby vacuum cleaner with all the bells and whistles. Yes, it is 8 or 9 years old and not the new model, BUT these vacuums were about $1300 when they first came out! They have 50 year warranties, and have the best suction power of any vacuum on the market.
I actually already own a Kirby. But I saw this vacuum,made claim, called Charles over and said "It's a Kirby with everything. It is only $20...should we get it??"
he took one look at me and said "Uh yeah!"

So we are now the proud owners of TWO kirby's.
My goal is to clean up the G5 and resell it. My grand total at Goodwill: $30.
Had I bought all this stuff new I would have spent almost $1400.

I am debating going back today to get a Kenmore sewing machine with table. It was $22. It is a vintage 1960's Kenmore sewing machine that is mounted in the sewing table and can store. It had the complete set of feet, the rings you place on for the different stitches, instruction manual and everything. It was in mint condition.
It was older than the machine I learned to sew on. My mom had a 1968 Kenmore sewing table that she gave to me in high school. It was the greatest sewing machine.
This one was DEFINATELY older. So I may go back and get it.
They also had a mongoose mountain bike for $30. It was in perfect condition. Although I will assume that one is probably gone by now. It was a NICE bike.

I love finding good deals. I LOVE the thrill of the hunt.

bow down before the mighty Bargain Queen.
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