Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Marshmellow Peeps how I love you.

I know the most important part of Easter should be focusing on Jesus Christ and the resurrection. I know that my heart should be rejoicing and singing hallelujahs to the Saviour. He is risen! and Christ the Lord is ris'n today! etc. But it was hard. REALLY hard.

why was my religious contemplation so difficult for me this year?


I love Easter Candy... I am on a diet...I am going crazy.

All through church all I could think about was my childrens easter baskets filled with starburst, chocolate bunnies, robin eggs and my favorite, Marshmellow peeps.

Peeps are best eaten when the package has been opened and the peeps sit out and develop the hard chewy crust on the outside..

You can roast peeps over a flame and make smores out of them. You can put them in the microwave and blow them up. Peeps are just the best thing about easter. (the yellow chicks. NOT any other color and/or shape. It MUST be the YELLOW CHICKS)

In sunday school my kids got candy from their teachers as a little present. I could smell it all the way home as they were eating it.

All last night at my parents house for Easter dinner all I could think about was diving into that stringy plastic grass and fishing out a stray jellybelly.

But I resisted.

This morning I woke up and the baskets were there staring at me. mocking me.

Today at the drugstore down the road all their easter candy is 75% off. (O sweet mystery of life at last I've found you!)

I am going to have to make Charles hide the keys to the truck.

Oh who am I kidding. Those peeps are going to meet their doom in my stomach.
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