Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photo greeting Cards

I went to the photo/camera shop yesterday. I took my digital camera card and an idea.
I chose 4 of my favorite pictures to print out, 4x6 glossy photos.

They turned out so crisp and clear and perfectly. The Photog. shop did a great job(a little pricer than your average drugstore, but well worth the extra money) TIP: go to your local camera/photography shop and print your pictures there. They usually can give you ideas and tips on improving your photos and help you edit where necessary. The drugstore will not. All they are interested in is you doing all the work at the "print them yourself" kiosk and paying the money.

I brought them home, and mounted them with archival quality adhesive onto white cardstock and turned them into Blank greeting cards.(you can see one listed here)

Beautiful photos on the outside, blank on the inside. You can customize them for any occasion and for any person.

Each card is titled and signed.

You can send them as cards, or frame them as is, in a 5x7 frame. They come in an envelope should you decide to give them away.

Obviously I like outdoors and nature. Flowers and blossoms are my favorite subject to photograph.

Many etsy photographers sell their photograph greeting cards.
a wonderful way to collect art and photography without breaking the bank.
These are kind like the jumbo version of artists ACEO's.
Photography cards range from $3.00 up to about $8.00.

Want to make your own photo art card?
Take your favorite picture, have it printed out into a 4x6. Mount it onto a folded greeting card measuring 5x7. Title and date. It is as simple as that. If you want to make them a little artsier, play around with color and filters on photoshop. Add shapes and texture. There are many ways to spice up your photography to show off to the world.
You can make them as big or as little as you want. I chose the 5x7 so my pictures would be a little larger and wouldnt lose some of the detail.
If you have a really high quality printer you can buy your own photo paper and print off your own photos in whatever size you so desire.
Just make sure you use the proper adhesive. I suggest going to a scrapbooking store and asking for adhesive that is safe for photos. I use the Tombo mono adhesive tape runner. Any craft store with a scrapbooking section should carry it.
OR as a really cute idea you can take a photograph of your child. Print off however many you want, and go to the photography department of your local drugstore or even camera shop. Ask if they carry the adhesive postcards, specifically for photos. Many of them do. They are 30 cents each(ballpark). You can attach your childs photo to these postcards and send them out as postcards or announcements or invitations. We did that when Peter turned 1. Dont want to buy the generic postcards from your vacation?? Take memorable photos and use THOSE as postcards instead.
Check out some of the really talented etsy sellers and photograph greeting cards. Or make your own. It is a fun rewarding hobby!
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