Monday, March 31, 2008

Curse of the Elliptical

I got my butt handed to me by an eliptical machine this morning.
Seriously... handed to an unpleasant manner.

As Many of you know i am on a diet and have been working to try and lose weight. thusfar inb 2 weeks I have lost 1 pound.(obviously i havent been serious. I was all talk)
I decided to really get serious about it this morning.
We have a trip to Disney World in October(ish) then in February I am going to Las vegas with a few girlfriends. I really do have a lot to work towards and I am motivated.

So while at the YMCA, looking around at all the gung ho perkies, feeling flabby, fat and lazy(beauty and the beast) I decided to get down to business.
Watching myself try the eliptical machine in the mirror I realized how pathetic I was.
Perky #1 in front of me had nothing jiggling.
Perky #2 next to her had nothing jiggling.
They were chatting while attacking like tigresses.
They were not out of breath, the were barely breaking a sweat. These women were ellipticizing their fannies off and looked as if they were taking a leisurly stroll on the beach.

Yet here I was, barely on the move, huffing, puffing, dripping and dying.

So I did 30 solid minutes. i wanted to DIE. I wanted to fall off, have a heart attack and wake up in heaven where my body will be a perfect size 6. (however I didnt want to leave my children motherless with a father who has no clue how to boil water).
So I fought through the pain. My calves and legs were shaking and rubbery.

But,I worked through it. I did it.

i feel so good.

So although it was only 30 minutes I feel great! The webs free Calorie Guide

yes 85 pounds. I have gained 85 pounds over the last 11 years, 3 pregnancies and loads of stress.
So once a week I will hopefully update with my weight loss.
PLEASE keep me motivated. Last time I TRULY was motivated and had support I lost 60 pounds.

My husband and I are doing this together. he needs to lose about the same amount of weight.
So this is DAY ONE. You need to start somewhere.
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