Saturday, March 15, 2008

My week in photographs

Every Spring down south the Bradford Pear Trees bloom. They are usually the first tree to flower and are quite beautiful. The blossoms last about a week or so, then they scatter like a blizzard of snow leaving behind leafy green foliage. Charlotte is FULL of Bradford Pear Trees. They line streets and avenues, and no front or back yard is complete without a BP Tree. HOWEVER, my husband and I have dubbed them "pee pee trees". The scent from these blossoms smell like cat urine and old baby pee pee diapers that have been left out to sit too long.

This is Oliver. He is the stray cat that followed my dad home before Christmas. My dad was taking a walk around his neighborhood. As he was strolling past a new home development, a tiny kitten came strolling out of the woods and started to follow him. This cat crossed the street(almost getting hit by a car) and meowed at my dad and followed after him. My dad walked faster, the cat meowed louder and started to RUN after my dad. He said this cat meowed the entire 1/2 mile home and wouldnt leave him alone. he sat outside their house for 30 minutes meowing as loudly as he could. My parents finally brought him in and he has been there ever since. He is their baby and the SWEETEST thing ever.

At one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Charlotte they have a giant koi fish display. It is about 3 feet tall by 12 feet long. It is a long open "pond" full of these giant koi fish. Off to the side they have a gumball machine full of food. You put in your quarter and out comes a little snap on lid container with fish food in it. You can feed the fish. They are greedy little beggars. They will come right up, stick their heads out and their little mouths are just open shut open shut. It looks as if they are saying "feed me!" They will eat the little pieces right out of your fingers. My kids LOVE feeding these fish, and the chinese restaurant makes a KILLING off of these 25 cent feeder containers.

I took this picture of Peter at my mom and dads house. He was out in the backyard, enjoying the beautiful weather. How I managed to get a picture of him without his fake smile or without his eyes half closed is beyond me.!! I think it is adorable.
We went over to my parents house for dinner the other night. It was my dads birthday. We had a great time . So happy Birthday Dad (66).

This is Finn in theratty old hammock in my parents backyard. (forgive the ugly lawn, they are in process of ripping everything out and start afresh...) They have this old hammock in their backyard that should have been condemned long ago. It is ratty and full of holes and I am quite positive the rope was made in the 15th century. This thing is decrepit. BUT Finn loves it. He loves going out there, laying on it(avoiding the potholes) and just swinging. My favorite thing is watching him try to get off. It usually ends with the hammock swinging upside down and finn on his back covered in dirt.
That was my pitifully dull week in photos. Hopefully next week will be a little more exciting!
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