Monday, March 10, 2008

My Latest Find at Bob Evans

have really been loving my new camera. it is a Kodak Easy Share Z1275. The 12megapix make it a more "serious camera" without the "serious pricetag". It is priced under $200. Very affordable.

I have been toting it around with me wherever I go, snapping random pictures. With spring making an entrace here down south, the flowers and trees are blooming. So most of my pictures are outdoors and nature. I have really been trying to learn about the different functions. I have been using the Macro function and playing around with shutter speeds.


Every Other Saturday morning we take the kids to Bob Evans for Breakfast. They love the pancakes there, and it is a fun family time for us.

After we were done eating, we stepped outside. Finn decided he had to go to the bathroom, so my husband took him. Peter and I waited outside and kind of wandered around. At the side of the building was a Tulip Tree. (Also known as a Saucer Magnolia or Japanese Magnolia)

It was really beautiful. I pulled out my trusty camera and took a few pictures. I was surprised at how well they turned out. I turned on the macro function and reduced the shutter speed.

I had to do very little to it in photoshop. I am thinking about uploading to to a stock photography site and see if anyone would purchase it. Maybe print some off and make them into a card. I dont know. I really love these pictures. And I really LOVE my camera.

I find that by practicing out in the real world with real, live and uncontrollable objects, my pictures in a controlled setting with a lightbox are turning out much better. I find that the more I practice and learn and use, the better photographer I become, which in turn can really help my business.( Especially on Juried Entry Craft Shows.)

So my(amateur) advice to burgeoning etsy artists..get to know your camera. Take it out into the real world. Play with the settings. Find out what you can about the different functions. Read through the owners manual. DEFINITELY learn to use the macro function. Not only will your everyday pictures surprise you, but you will carry what you have learned into your business as well.

Good luck and happy shooting!

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