Friday, March 28, 2008

Where has my sweet Finny gone??

This is Finn. He is almost 5 years old.

He is a Pill. You know, being 5 is a hard thing. The world demands so much from these little guys. (SARCASM)

Shoot being 5 is hard for ME...I have to put up with it and try to not completely lose my mind in the process. August can't come too soon. Then he starts school.

We were at a family picnic, having fun, having a cook out. The kids had an easter egg hunt, smores, a playground. The sky was beautiful., the weather was perfect.

Finn was in rare form.

1. It was too hot

2. He didnt want a hot dog, he wanted McDonalds. Then he decided to have a hot dog...only to discover he would rather have a cheeseburger(FROM MCDONALDS)

3. He didnt like THAT playground, he wanted the playgrounds at the park near our house.

4. He didnt want to go for a nature walk, he wanted to play on the playground(the very same playground he DIDNT want to play on only an hour before)

5. The Easter egg hunt wasnt fair, he only found 10 eggs(the same as all of his other cousins). He wanted more than everyone else.

6. He didnt want water, he wanted a juicebox. Juicebox was not to his liking. He wanted apple juice, not fruit punch. Bottled water was not cold enough. He wanted it straight from the fridge, not the cooler.

7. he wanted to go home

8. He didnt want to go home

9. He cried all the way home because he was having so much fun and it just wasnt fair.

10. He cried at home because he wanted eggs with jellybeans in them and instead got eggs with chocolate.

11. Was tired and wanted to go to bed.

12. Cried because he WASN'T tired and DIDNT want to go to bed.

13. Got out of bed 3 times. Once to tell me I was a mean mom and that I didnt love him because I was making him go to bed. The second to get a drink of water because he was thirsty and to remind me how mean I am because I wouldnt let him have Kool-Aid for a bedtime thirst quencher and the third time to go to the bathroom and to tell me to leave him alone he needed privacy.

14. FINALLY went to sleep.

That was just on Sunday. Lord, grant me patience.

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