Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boutique Bracelets

I have been kind of toying with an idea the past few weeks. One of those ideas that get stuck in your head and wont go away. So in I jumped. I have learned over the past few years to never second guess myself. If I have an idea, I need to do it or I will fret and contemplate and "what if" the rest of my life.
So here was my idea:
I wanted to make a cute, inexpensive bracelet for every month of the year, coordinating with said months birthstone color. So instead of real gemstones and sterling silver and bali silver and really shocking price tag, I used Czech Firepolished faceted rounds in a variety of sizes and used sterling silver and pewter spacers and bead caps. Each bracelet is finished off with a toggle clasp of some sort and are only $12. I have seen similar items at my local boutiques and gift shops for $20 or more.
I love Boutique jewelry. It is really pretty and festive, yet affordable and with no worries that you are losing a fortune should it go missing. If you are active or hard on your jewelry then the boutique style jewelry is the way to go.
I apologize in advance for the pictures. I need to repair my lightbox and have not yet done it.

I will be listing these periodically throughout the month in my shop. Each bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long but can be shortened or lengthened for a 50 cent charge to cover wire and crimp beads.
I am also going to take them to my craft show in October and hopefully they will make excellent stocking stuffers.
Now I just need to make coordinating Moo Cards to go with them. I figured I would have each month with its own moo card and have the month listed and what the birthstone is and what it means etc. So if I can just channel my inner adobe illustrator goddess and design those moo cards!!
Happy Thursday.
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