Thursday, July 31, 2008

pictures from Virginia Beach

THE tent. UGH.(shaking fist and muttering bad things under my breath)
It was a giant two room tent that was about 50 years old. It was a great tent...until it rained.
DO they even MAKE tents like this anymore?
Look at that awesome climbing tree though. Finn had a field day on that baby!

The actual beach around 34th street. This is right around where I got pulled over for a ticket. Thanks officer.
(it went from 50 mph to 25. Apparently I didnt slam on my brakes to 25 as soon as I passed the sign. I was in the process of decelerating when she pulled me over. $182 later...)

My nephew, Cade, buried up to his neck in sand. He is the cutest thing. He is 2 and he is so tiny. He reminds me of one of those Baby Gap mannequins you see in the windows. I just want to snatch him up and eat him!! He has a new baby brother who is just adorable.

Here is Finn "surfing". He is a little fish. He LOVES the water. No fear of the waves, no fear of going under. He is really a water bug.

Peter is not quite the water afficianado as his brother Finn. He will go in and enjoy as long as there is someone to help him. He isnt as strong as Finn and his weak left side gives him a hard time in the undertoe and and waves. But he did a good job trying his best this year. He is getting braver!

If you can't tell, Finn was NOT happy with me. He got too far away and wasnt listening. So I told him he was out of the water for 15 minutes. So he was mad at having to play in the "stupid boring sand" He practiced that face in the mirror before leaving home, so he has it down pat.

I cant tell you how many of THESE pictures we have. "The Squints" I didnt follow the photography rule and take pictures in the golden hours.(we werent at the beach right after sunrise or right before sunset)

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