Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cook it. Blog it! First entry

I joined the blogroll of Modkidboutique cooking club. Basically you cook something, and blog about it. So here is my First Entry since joining. It is a grilled dish, perfect for summer, yet budget friendly and super easy to do.
The zucchini and squash and peppers were from my own garden and I used the Chicken tenderloins, which cook faster and are much less expensive than Chicken breasts. If you have Chicken Breasts, you can cut them down into strips for quicker cooking.


For better flavor let marinate a minimum 2 hours in the fridge. You can let them soak all day if you want. The longer you let them marinate the better your chicken will taste.

You can also use olive oil on the vegetables for a lighter option.
GRILL TIP: Before turning on your gas grill or lighting your charcoal, whichever grilling method you prefer, make sure your grill is clean. Then spray the grill with a light coating of PAM. This will keep everything from sticking.(trust me on this) And yes, put on everything at the same time! You want the chicken to finish cooking first so you can take it off while the veggies finish cooking up. This really is an important step in the process. If you cut into it right away all the juices will run out and leave you with dry chicken. But if you let it sit while the veggies finish cooking(about 5 minutes) you will have the most tender, tasty and moist chicken.

The peppers will get spicier as they roast. The jalapenos raw were spicy.(ohh, my mouth is hot, I need to take a drink)The jalapenos roasted were REALLY spicy. (as in sweat under your eyes and crying for no reason spicy). So just be careful. Don't be roasting scotch bonnets or Habaneros if you cant tolerate the heat when they are raw. Don't want any spice? Use bell peppers. I used a Poblano which had a nice mild burn when roasted. It was a pleasant slow burn which really wasn't bad at all.

Serve with couscous or brown rice for a nice healthy light meal.

You could also do this under your oven broiler.
Want to make it "kid fun"?? Thread your marinated chicken onto soaked skewers and grill them that way. Kids think it is more fun when they can eat off of a stick.

Please try it, and let me know how yours turns out. I really think this will be your new favorite grilled chicken recipe.

Bon Appetit Mes Amis!
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