Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Precious

I am so in love with Amy Butler. Let me just clear that up and get that out in the open. I am ADDICTED to her fabrics.
Her lines are just so amazing, and I love to go to the quilting shop that carries them and go have a look. Here is her "NIGELLA" line. Couldnt you just dive in and drown in the beauty that is Amy Butler Fabric?? (In case you can't tell I am COMPLETELY addicted to Fabric. It is a sickness, really)

Here are some of my favorites from her LOTUS collection.

This one is Tea Box:

This one is Damask Rose:

Well the other day I was at Michaels with a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket when I stumpled across THIS :

It is K&Company Specialty Paper scrapbook Pad with AMY BUTLER PAPER! It is from Nigella Collection and is the Tea Box set. It is 24 sheets of Double sided paper. (2 pages of each type). So there are 24 designs in this set. So at 40% off it was a mere 9.00. You can get a yard of her fabric for $9. But I got 24 pieces of her glorious paper. It is so crisp and beautiful and sparkly and "purdy". Oh Amy Butler how I love you.

This paper is so scrumptious and beautiful. I am absolutely infatuated with it. I dont know whether to save it for a rainy day, or get busy cutting and creating!! I have an itchy paper cutter finger and am feeling antsy!! I keep looking through it, touching it, stroking it and calling it "My Precious".

So moral of the story: If you see me with scraggly hair and a wild look in my eyes, throw me into Mt Doom and let me perish with My Precious.

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