Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Specials and Steel Magnolias

Wow, July already. I can't believe it.

This month my July Bracelet will be available in my shop.

Ruby Red czech glass with swarovski pearls, sterling silver and cast metal. A Bar and Ring Toggle Clasp replaces the springing clasp as seen here in the picture though. That is the only difference.

Great for any July Birthday.

The Lip Balm Flavor of the month in my other shop is RASPBERRY LEMONADE.

What a great flavor. It is so sweet and tangy and refreshing, like a tall glass of ice cold lemonade with the perky flavor of ripe red raspberries.
Available in Beeswax or vegan.

Perfect for those summer lips. Keep them smooth and kissable!!

I took this picture in Chattanooga. My cousin, Leslie, brought these in to put on the table.
The Magnolia is one of my favorite flowering trees. They are so beautiful and creamy white against the dark green waxy leaves.. If you go to Mt Vernon, the Magnolia Trees there are GIGANTIC. They can grow to be humongous.
They smell so good and unfortunately dont last as long as I wish they would.
Reminds me of "Steel Magnolias". You know how some women identify with one of the Sex and the City characters? I identify with the Steel Magnolias.
I am a Ouiser. (Wee-zuh as Clairee called her) Ouiser Boudreaux was grumpy, hard and complaining. Always finding fault, never liked people to see her real emotions and hid her real self behind a scathing tongue.
However I am trying to be more like Dolly Partons Character, Truvy. Sweet, kind, loving and helping those in need. Besides I am much more Buxom on the Dolly Parton side...
Happy Tuesday
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