Monday, July 28, 2008

Laundry Laundry everywhere, but not a shirt to wear

I got back from Virginia Beach on Saturday night.

I am sitting surrounded by a mountain of dirty, sandy, damp ,salty laundry. (UGH the bane of my existence)

WHo knew that camping and going to the beach would bring me such a headache afterwards??

I have lots of pictures and lots to blog about...just not today. I REALLY need to get to that laundry before mold starts growing and the clothing picks up and walks away.

It IS good to be home, back in my own bed, eating my own food, in my house with air conditioning, TV and internet access. It is good to be back home with white and nerdy. I can only take so much family time before I start to go crazy. And it isnt just my husbands family. It is the same with my family as well. After about 2 days I am ready to just pack it in and go home. But I survived intact, sanity only slightly less then when I left.
I am, however, COVERED in bug bites that itch like crazy. I have 15 hours of programming to get through on DVR. I have grocery shopping to do. I have Peters baptism to plan. (August 2nd!!) I told the boys we would make a paper countdown chain to Disney World, too. (We got the official confirmation from Make a wish on our dates. )

Gadzooks Batman I have a ton to do today. So if I want to go to bed tonight I better hop to.
what I REALLY need are some Suzie Q's to get the sugar roaring. I havent had a Suzie Q in AGES.
happy monday

P.S. It is true what people say :I need a vacation from my vacation.

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