Sunday, July 13, 2008

My new layout

I FINALLY got the elusive 3 column blog. I have been wanting one for awhile as I have lots of sidebar "stuff".
I did it myself by finding a site that walked me through it and editing the HTML code.
I will be re-photoshopping my header to fit, and making a new background as well.
But these things take time...

So pardon the renovation, while I rework my blog and move stuff around and find spots for everything.

ALSO-Thank you to everyone who has been visiting, reading or commenting on my humble little blog. I started it as a way to kind of promote my etsy shops and it turned into a daily journal of sorts. All the support and kind words has really kept me motivated and kept my New Years resolution alive and well. Good Karma points coming your way (fling fling fling)
So again, Thank you!!

If you found me through etsy, through a friends link or through a google search, please know I appreciate your time!!
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