Monday, June 30, 2008

Winner, Gardening and simpsons

CONGRATULATIONS to Karin. She was comment #18 on my give-away and has won a Whitmans Assorted Chocolates Sampler. I will get ahold of you and mail that out!!

That screen shot is awful. I know I know.

Here is a picture for Gardening Monday. "Teaching Finn how to Harvest squash"

This was taken a few weeks ago, prior to the head shaving of 08 incident.

I have 3 zucchini and 3 summer squash I need to do something with. So tonight I am firing up the grill and making curry chicken and grilled squash. I just cut the squash lengthwise and brush them with a little bit of olive oil. I place them on the grill and cook each side just a few minutes, until the squash gets tender. Then I season with salt and pepper. Easy yet delicious.

I went to Simpsonizeme.
I uploaded the ugliest picture I have of myself.
And VOILA! If I were a Simpson character, this is what I would look like-Farrah Fawcett Hair and all.
I did choose the hair color. They wanted to make it this wierd "sideshow Bob" red. People are always surprised when they see pictures of me and my hair is not really pink. I kind of like the idea that people think I have the cojones to have pink hair.(on purpose, not accidental a la Hair Wreckers)

I'm so pretty.

Humble too.

Happy Monday

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