Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aced the curriculum

I am feeling very proud of myself.(pat pat pat)

For the past two weeks I have been studying and memorizing and analyzing etc. I know the difference between a macule and a chloasma. I know what a Bulla is. I know what a keratoma is. I know about 42 other various skin lesions and disorders, such as Vitiligo(and I am pretty sure Michael Jackson does NOT have it).

I know the various layers of the epidermis and the dermis and what each one does, is responsible for and contains. I put up with the younger girls laughing every time the Stratum Corneum was referred to as "The Horny Layer".

I learned how to wax facial hair. I learned how to tweeze properly. I learned how to give a totally amazing facial and how to apply make-up beautifully.

I took 2 written tests, gave 3 facials, waxed eyebrows and applied make-up. I went on a field trip to South park Mall(the Hoity Toit) and went to Dillards and Belks to the make-up counter where they were having make-up extravaganza days and giving free make overs and demonstrations and lessons. We then got to tour the Carmen!Carmen! salon and day spa and meet Carmen himself. He is a brilliant hair stylist(a bit of a diva) and I really enjoyed listening to him and he gave us lots of great advice and words of wisdom.

So with my attendance at 100%, my written tests at 100% and my facials at 98 and 99% and my make up at 98% and my waxing at 98%, I averaged a 99% for the skin and make up curriculum.

A disclaimer for the 98%...My teacher does not believe in giving 100% on practicals. She says there is always room for improvement, no matter how long you have been in the industry. So if you didnt sweep up and out enough on one pass through, or did the petrissage for 10 seconds too long, she would dock a point etc. so my 98 and 99% were for little things like my wubbie under my materials was crooked (wubbies are the paper towel type things they use in salons), or my toner cotton ball wasnt thrown away the second it came off her face.

So to keep up with my skills, I will also be offering facials and waxing out of my home to practice, the cost would be to cover the materials. So waxing eyebrows would be $3 and a classic european facial with massage and mask would be $10. (massage of the face and neck, not the body) If anyone is interested just let me know.

tomorrow we start on long hair design!

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