Friday, November 7, 2008

SHHHH! I'm sleeping

Being in cosmetology school has been REALLY tiring.
I dont mean a "I need a nap" type tiring. I mean "tiring" as in Pregnancy tiring.
You cant hold your eyes open or your head up. You are just so exhausted that moving is an almost impossible chore.
And no it is impossible that i am pregnant. I am just really exhausted from school.
I come home and am just wiped out. I practically fell asleep with my face in the chicken the other night at the dinner table. I feel like I am in 11th grade varsity track all over again.

The first few days I seemed to be OK, but then we starting getting hands on with the
waxing and the facials and the make-up. Always touching people, always having your hands on their face or head etc is exhausting.

I was talking to Lindsey(massage therapist extrordinaire) and told her of my dilemma.
She said that people are natural energy vampires. You are putting yourself into them with your energy and they just drain it from you. She gets it too when she is massaging people.

Last night I went to bed at 745. I fell asleep before my kids.

So SHHHHH, I'm sleeping.
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