Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Willies Chocolate Shop and House of Weave

Today is the last day of up-do's and long hair design.
We are taking our final written test, doing the fan twist up-do for a grade and
demonstrating our own personal design for a grade.
I was up until almost midnight last night with my beading group and practicing for today.
I totally didnt get enough sleep.

Yesterday was Movie theme day at school. each class got a movie and we had to dress up and do hair and make up and do a skit.
Our class got Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old version)
. We did " Big Willz and da chocolate shop"(the ghetto version of W W)
it was hilarious. We used 50 cent "Candy shop" and 69 boys "Tootsie Roll"
we got lots of laughs and I took lots of pictures. The Oompa Loompa and Willie (Big Willz) were the best hair and make up and clothing. It was hilarious. But we were Ghetto.
The golden tickets were bought on the black market, from a guy in a trenchcoat, Big Willz had a strong pimp hand and came out to a shake your booty song.
Curnel(the one guy in our class) was Mike TV. We had him dressed up in this little black leather vest with roses and fringe, a cowboy hat and we bought a plastic gun with holster from the dollar store. He went up to "Big Will" and pulled out his gun, cocked it gangsta style and said "Break Yourself fool!" (pronounced Break Yo-self, foo).Our teacher laughed so hard she was crying. Curnel is NOT gangster in any way. When he was first practicing he was like the white preppy "whats-up" budwiser commercial. "What is up? How are YOOOUUU doing". we had to ghetto-fy him. We have been laughing for 3 days straight while practicing.

But the Oompa Loompa was Crazy awesome. She had this white overall dress that she wore with white leggings and brown leg warmers. I made pompoms for her shoes. We braided her hair on the underside and had it all sticking out in ponytails and knots and spray painted them with green hairspray. We used a really dark orange foundation on her skin and I did her eyebrows with a silver eye pencil and used a silvery gray eye powder. Her eye make-up was green. It was really awesome. She looked just like a little Oompa Loompa (it helps she is only 4'10" tall)

Mimi was Violet (the gum chewer). Her hair was braided in corn-rows up the sides and on top had a mohawk of weave etc. She wore a blue shirt, blue leggings with blue booty shorts, and blue sparkly shoes. We did her make-up in blue.

Kisha was Charlie and wore a newsboy cap and scarf, and Bianca, who was Verucca, wore lots of bling and pink and a coat with a fur collar. we looked so good and got a lot of laughs.

I will post pictures later. I forgot my camera in my locker at school.
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