Monday, November 17, 2008

Life sucks sometimes

It is one of those mornings. Nothing is going right.

Charles and I are in one of "those" fights.
He didnt get a paycheck on Friday, the manager said he thought they mailed it, so somewhere is a much needed paycheck floating around in at the US Postal Service. So, while trying to keep our heads above water and get Bills paid, until that check shows up I have like $40 in the bank account that is not earmarked for something. Of course this is the month that school needs $5 here and $6 there and a donation for teacher birthdays and class parties and field trips. Then I get upset for him paying $10 to the library for overdue fines and it just escalated. Honestly.

I am starting a new(and difficult) curriculum at school and am a little nervous (chemical relaxers and ethnic hair care/styling). . So for the next 3 weeks I will be pulling my own hair out while trying not to chemically burn off Destiny's(my mannquin).

Peter STILL has a nasty cough that seems to get worse, then better, then worse then better.
So I have to call his pediatrician and see if I can get in for an appointment and get an antibiotic. So if I can get an appointment today I will have to leave school early and there goes my perfect attendance record for this cycle, which actually pisses me off. A LOT.

I have a giant fist hole in my bathroom wall from SOMEONE punching it in anger (tsk tsk tsk).

So to quote one of my favorite songs from when I was a kid (Don Williams Jr.)
"Lord, I hope this day is good. I'm feeling cranky and Misunderstood
I should be thankful Lord, I know i should, but Lord I hope this day is good"

just breathe.
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