Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am feeling a little melancholy. ABC has cancelled Pushing Daisies. Now granted they didnt specifially say "Cancelled", they just said "not ordering more episodes". Seriously? I honestly don't know what some of these producers and directors are thinking! Golden Globe and emmy nominations for the show and the cast, yet they are cancelling it. Are they smoking crack?? I hope they know they have one pissed off lady here to deal with. I hope ABC is ready for the buttload of mail they may possibly get from me (in my spare time I like to write mean letters to companies that tick me off, or products that suck. And right now, ABC SUCKS! yes ABC, I hope you are reading this. YOU SUCK!...BAD!)

It is a shame. It is one of the very few prime time shows that was clean, witty and entertaining.

It was just so quirky and cute and enjoyable, I am really kind of ticked off about it.

So RIP Ned the Pie Maker, A Girl named Chuck, Olive Snook and Emerson Cod P.I.

You were loved, and I shall never forget you!

Of course I have a plan...If we all write in and beg the producers to bring it back, maybe we can pull off a Jerico!
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