Tuesday, November 18, 2008

on Base Curls and a Marcel iron

SO we have been learning about the different types of curls and the volume they create in the hair. Depending on what angle you start the curl at, and where it ends up on your base determines how high you can get your hair.

Yesterday we broke out Destiny, our African American doll, and went to work.

We used our Marcel iron, the professional curling iron and learned how to twirl and click, twirl and click. The marcel irons do not have a spring loaded clamp like regular curling irons. You have to use the lever with your pinky to get it to open just a touch. You have to continually twirl and click to get it to the base until your curl is set. It isnt an excessively easy technique and takes quite a bit of practice.
I used muscles in my arms that I never knew existed. My forearm was on fire yesterday, all the way up to my shoulder and behind my ear. Just on my right arm , shoulder and ear. my left side was fine. I am positive it was from my marcel iron and learning to use it. My teacher did say that when she first started her arm was killing her and didnt think she would get it right. But it just takes practice. So I suppose I had better break out the Advil and heating pad, put on my big girl panties and deal with it. She actually suggested we pull out our marcel every night and practice twirling it to build up our forearm. (I am quite positive my right arm will resemble popeye within the next 6 months)
THEN we are starting on the finger waves. These are the WORST . You actually create those ridges and valleys with your fingers, a comb and lots of hair product. It is the one thing that most stylists hate doing. My teacher said she fully expects to see combs flying, dolls getting beaten up and bad words to be expounded.
This is going to be my hardest curriculum. I am used to caucasian hair, and have never worked with ethnic hair. It is so different and requires so much extra and different care and styling than i am used to.
But I have a good attitude and know I can do it. I just need to pay extra close attention so i dont melt hair, burn anything off with too much chemical and make sure I dont forget the extra steps requires in the relaxers or perms on the ethnic hair.

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