Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Foliage

Autumn is my second favorite season (first is spring).
I love the changing of the leaves, the brilliant golds and flaming reds, the burnished oranges all contrasting against each other in a riotous mass of color.
Our neighborhood was particularly lovely this year. I dont know if it was the drought and then the rain, or why they were just so spectacular. Here are a few of my favorites:(these have not been retouched or photoshopped in any way)

This is a view down the street from our yard (ignore the recylce bin that Charles didnt put away) That yellow tree across the street looked like a giant golden sun. It is just so beautiful.

Here is that same tree, just a different angle.
Looking out the window at it makes me happy.

this tree was 2 streets over. I actually stopped the car to get out and take a picture of it. The picture doesnt do it justice. When it is sunny outside the tree literally glows.

Here is that same tree, just closer.

Here is our own humble Japanese Maple Tree. It turns a beautiful scarlet red every autumn, but this year was so much more intense.

Of course the leaves are all disappearing now, falling off the trees to be raked up and bagged. But for 2 perfect weeks my neighborhood is the idyllic autumnal collection of color.
At least I have my pictures to remind me.
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