Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finn Playing Soccer

Here are some pictures of Finn playing soccer in a little church league that Michelle had formed.
There were several moms who wanted to enroll their kids in soccer, but didnt want to pay $100 to have a mass of kids in one huddle all trying to kick at the ball. So we formed our own little league and they play and have fun every Saturday.

He actually is pretty good. But everyone is 4 and 5 years old, and so there isnt a whole lot of technique or rules. The Red Team(team Jolley), has the strategy of " We All Hold Hands Like Red Rover and They Can't Break Our Defenses"

The Blue Team has their secret weapon, Hannah. As she is running and kicking the Ball , if she sees people coming to try and get it from her, she lays down ON the ball...being careful not to touch it with her hands of course.
Last Saturday Finn scored 2 goals!

Here is his team rarin and ready to go:

After the game the all celebrated with Otter Pops.

So Thanks Michelle for doing this! Finn has loved it!

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