Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finn is Barak's #1 fan

Finn cracks me up.

At school they did "Kids Vote" and up on the bulletein board they had the election process, the candidates and where they were from, and which party they were for. Thats all. No discussing issues, or what republican meant, or what democrat meant. After all these are 5-10 year old kids, and discussions and lessons of that magnitude would cause their little brains to implode.

Well Finn comes home a few weeks back and was talking about it.

Our conversation.

FINN: We voted today. Guess who I voted for!!

ME: Well you dont have to tell me, votes are supposed to be private. It isnt anybody's business who you decide to vote for. But you can tell me if you want.

FINN: Well I voted for Barak Obama

Me: Why?

FINN: Because he has a cool name and I like his picture.

ME: Gosh that seems like a good reason to elect someone as President.

So I explained when he got older that he would be able to vote for real and he would need to listen to what each person believed in and how they would help the country. That we shouldnt vote for someone based on looks or their cool sounding name. She he asked who I was voting for and I said that I was going to write in Mr. Witt, his school principal. (He LOVES Mr Witt and he thought that sounded like a pretty good idea, but that his picture was not up on the board, and how were we going to solve this dilemma?)

Then last night he was in on the potty doing his business with the door to the toilet room shut. I was in the main part of the bathroom at the sink, trying to undo the make-up "dramatic eye" that Laine had given me at school during our facial make-up theory.

I hear him just singing and making up songs, no idea I was in there and listening.

(Just sung to random tunes and rapping a little bit)

"I like to color. Didnt you know? I like to color, especially with green."

"Get up off your easy chair, V-O-T-E, vote. Oh yeah, Barak Obama, Barak Obama won. Didnt you know I voted for Barak. Barak uh huh, Barak Uh-huh, Barak Obama."

So we go out to dinner with my parents and he is sitting next to my mom. He said hey gram! Barak Obama won! (She voted for McCain), so teasingly she put her hand over his mouth and said "Oh No! John McCain Won!"

Finn cracked up laughing, and as soon as she took her hand off his mouth he yells out BARAK OBAMA! So it kind of turned into a game and he just kept saying Barak Barak Barak Barak.

He just likes saying the name...over and over and over again.

My son...Barak's biggest fan.

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