Monday, November 10, 2008

The Basic Bow

Today we started Long Hair Design in school.

We started with the 5 basic techniques: the coils, single strand coiled braid, the loop, double strand twist and three strand braid. (all seen on the mannequin here. The coils are on top, the loops are on the right, the bun is next to them, the 2 stranded twist is center and the braid is the farthest left)

We then learned the Basic Bow. we will be graded on it tomorrow. Today was a practice run through and practice grading. tomorrow is the big day. I got a 90% today, because i got 5 points taken off for each bobby pin showing. So tomorrow I will make sure they are hidden and score a 100 on this bad boy.
Here is mine

You can see why it is called a bow. You make the hair look like a ribbon bow.

Here is a side view of the Bow.

Yet another view of the basic bow. I personally think it looks like a butt...with a bobby pin.

Ta-da! The basic bow.
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