Friday, January 23, 2009

5'10 blonde, part two with pictures

Here are the photos as promised of my latest creation. I have been so good the past few years about not wrecking my hair. Then I wrote a post about using my powers for good to help other hair wreckers. But once a hair wrecker, always a hair wrecker. When around chemicals our fingers twitch and we actually think it would be a good idea. It is like an alcoholic around alcohol. They KNOW it isnt a good idea, but in their mind they are thinking "What will one hurt??"
I am that way around scissors, hair color or bleach of any kind.
Now as I said, this was a spur of the moment, no game plan, just do it because I am in the mood idea. I had left over bleach from my color lab and decided instead of pouring it down the sink I would find a better home for it...on my head. I hand painted some heavy chunky streaks on my head in random places that would peek out strategically on the underside and then some on top that were meant for dramatics. And yes, I did this all by myself.
so without further ado...ignore the pasty white woman, you are just here for the hair...the results of my rash and impetuous behaviour.

The good news is Charles said he liked it. Although I feel like I can not shock him any more with my hair-antics, so I dont know if he is being sincere or if he is trying to spare my feelings, as he has done countless times before.(He knows on which side his bread is buttered)

Am I still on the wagon?? Or did I fall off the wagon with that? You be the judge...and be brutally honest.

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