Saturday, January 24, 2009

Digging for buried treasure??

the other day I caught Peter with his finger up his nose, rooting around.
I stopped and just looked at him and watched him as he was just going to town.
I thought "If this kid digs any higher he will poke his brain!"
 So I finally had to say something.

ME: Peter do you need to blow your nose

PETER: (Pulls finger out of nose, brandishing the worlds largest boogie) No, I got it.
(inhales deeply)Whew...I can breathe again!

ME: I'll bet you can!  that is one giant booger. 

PETER: Yeah, thats what I was digging around for up there.

Why are little boys so gross??

I guess I should be thankful he asked for a tissue to wrap it up and throw it away. Finn would have just eaten it.

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