Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Fear and pandemonium have descended the Queen City.
It is as if Armageddon has commenced right here in Charlotte.

Schools are closed, business have shut down.
Highays and By Ways are consumed with accidents. Crumpled vehicles littering the pavement every few feet.
News Anchors are warning people "Dont go out if you dont have to!! It's madness out there!! Madness, I tell you!!!"
Bread, Milk, Water and Batteries are gone from the grocery shelves.
It is complete and utter chaos. I expect Obamas first order of business will be to declare Marshall Law around here.
I have first hand Pictures of this horrendous act of Mother Nature that has caused such destruction and mass hysteria.
Looking at these greusome photos, you can see why the city has descended into such depravity and mayhem.
WE...HAVE...BEEN ...STRUCK...BY....SNOW!!!!(Snow?? Really?? Do they even get that around here?)

Kids have abandoned their bikes and outdoor toys and playgrounds for the safety of the indoors.

Dogs are becoming wild animals, forced to roam the streets looking for food in this tumult! Look at this fearsome Creature known as "The Jake". He is practically rabid!

Trees are snapping under the weight of such an obscene amount of snow.

run! Hide! Protect yourself!! The WHOLE 1/2 INCH OF SNOW WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!!!!

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