Friday, January 9, 2009

UNC vs Boston College Basketball

Last Sunday(4th) , we had the fantastic opportunity to go up to UNC for the mens basketball game vs Boston college. 
We were with a special program called Carolina Dreams, which is for kids who have spent time at UNC Childrens hospital.  
Before the game we got to eat pizza with the UNC womens 
basketball team.

Then we got to go to the arena and go out on the court and wave 
to 20,000 people like we were royalty. we were waiting to go out, our current NC Governor, Mike Easley, walked by.
THEN a few minutes later our newly elected Governor, Bev Perdue, 
walked past. She smiled and waved at us and said hello. 
So that was kind of exciting, even though I didnt vote for her.
We sat and watched the game,appropriately cheering UNC and booing BC, clapping to the music, and when the board said "jump around...jump jump jump around" we did as we were told. Finn especially loved all the lights and music and excitement. 
The boys got to pose with the UNC cheerleaders.  
It was a fun night. We left at halftime to get home, as it is a long drive and the boys had to start school the next day. We missed the second half of a really great game, and were disappointed to discover our team had lost to BC by 4 points. 

But all in all we had a great time and are hoping to go to some more basketball games up there.
It made me really miss college and really miss when I was that age and went to the basketball games at USU and the school spirit and the joy and fun of being young. I hope my kids will always remember these little things we do and realize they are pretty lucky to be able to go and do things that not many others get to do.

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