Friday, January 16, 2009

hilarious japanese game show

Yes the clip is kind of long, but this is one of the funniest game shows I have ever seen. It is something like "The Silent Library"
I dont know where the Japanese come up with these ideas.
The poor kid who gets like 4 in a row kills me. I almost feel bad for him...then I realize he signed up to do it. No one is holding him hostange in the library making him do it.

The Premise: a group of contestants go to a library. There they deal cards and whoever gets the specially marked card has to endure some form of torture, depending on the sign on their flip chart. BUT they cant make noise...because they are in a library. SHHHHHH.

I think the reason I love this so much is because when I was growing up my friend Lindsey and I would sit together at church and make fun of everyone around us. We would start laughing so hard, but we were in church, so we couldnt make noise or laugh. So seeing people who cannot laugh or make noise when they really need to is just super funny to me.

I originally found this on Listoftheday, and it was too funny to keep to myself.
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