Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Cereal Obsession

I have kind of this "issue". I have had said issue for YEARS and am wondering if maybe I am just crazy.
It is about cereal...and milk...and the perfect blend of the two in my bowl.

i have to have my perfect ratio or cereal to milk in my bowl, otherwise I cannot eat it.If there is too little milk then I have to add more. But if we are out of milk then I throw the whole bowl of cereal away. Same goes for too much milk. I have to add more cereal. But if there is no more, again I discard the whole bowl. I have done this for years and I dont know why.

I remember in college,way back when in 1994, I lived in the dorm and ate at "the Junction" (Junk for short) and for lunch one day I wasnt interested in what they were serving, so I got a bowl of cereal. It was frosted flakes, and it was the last of them. I had my glass of milk and I poured about 3/4 of the milk into my bowl, creating the perfect balance of cereal to milk.

My friend Curtis, thinking he was being funny, picked up my glass of unused milk and dumped the rest of it into my cereal bowl.

I couldnt eat it. He had ruined it for me. he thought I was an absolute Loony Toon for being that way, but I seriously couldnt eat it.

I had to go back and eat inferior lunch of apple jacks, sitting myself and my milk far away from curtis, lest he taint my food again. to this day when I am pouring my cereal or milk i always think of curtis and my ruined bowl of frosted flakes, and I make sure to get it just right so i am not wasting anything.

am I wierd or is that a touch OCD??
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