Thursday, January 8, 2009

My twin is skinny

so now that i have finished hair cutting and have moved onto color, I decided it was time
to update "the look". after all, no one wants their hair cut by a woman with a two toned afro.

So my teacher asked if anyone wanted to be used as a demo for color. I jumped up out of my chair, moving faster than I have moved in the past 6 years. I brandished my scissors and threatened an "I will cut you" to anyone who tried to move in on my turf. everyone agreed that I was the best candidate for corrective color. As Snake from the Simpsons would say "Haw Haw".
We neutralized the red in my hair from the pool and the sun, and colored it a level 5 to my natural mocha color.
Of course there was still alot of red, as my hair does tend to pull red tones, but it is all an even tone and color.It is a nice dark cinnamon color. I am really happy with how it turned out.
Then I had my teacher go through and cut to her hearts content. I showed her a picture of what I would like. She cut off about 8 inches and stacked it. Then she went through with her thinning shears and thinned, and thinned and thinned and thinned and thinned some more(I have a lot of hair).
So it is SHORT and stacked in the back and gets longer in the front. The longest piece curls arounhd my ear on the one side and the other side is even longer and kind of goes down to my chin. Sort of an Asymmetrical effect.
I LOVE it. It takes me like 5 minutes to flat iron and I am on my way. It dries so fast and it is shiny and smooth and awesome. Tomorrow we start on highlighting and lowlighting, so I will be adding some streaks to the mix.Maybe a few copper chunks in the front to jazz it up a bit.
but here is a visual of my hair.

Finn told me "mom, your hair kind of looks like Courtneys moms...except you're fat and she's skinny. I bet she doesnt eat junk food."

Thanks, Finn.

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