Monday, January 12, 2009

Local Hair Show

On February 23rd I am competing in the local Empire hair show in Womens trend cut and color.
It is just for our school and If I win I will be able to compete in that category for our school at the National hair show.
I picked This cut as my inspiration:
So I brought home my mannequin tonight to practice.  I have the cut down, but had no product to put in the hair to make it piecy as shown in the I only have a small set of lowlights in, and not the highlights as shown.  I only had my scissors and razor and hair dryer at my disposal. No product, or iron or flat iron. Plus I am not a skilled photographer, so you cant really see the whole effect.  the cut ius the same, obviously the styling isnt quite there, due to lack to gel, pomade, wax etc.

You can see the side view here, the shorter crop on the sides and back, and then the longer bang.

This is the front view.I made it a little longer so I could keep practicing and eventually cut it shorter and shorter  each time until it was the right length, and I had the cut down in 45 minutes.

I will post more pictures after I take it back to school and work some proper product into it and get my marcel iron to give some of the pieces a little more Oomph
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