Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moo cards for school

I LOVE MOO!!! I want to order a set of their mini cards for when I go to the advanced floor.
That way I can upload a bunch of different designs for an assortment. Thats what I LOVE about the Moo cards. You can have up to 100 different designs for your cards, and the cost is the same as if you did one design.
It is just so hard to find cute cosmetology related cards that dont include clip art scissors or clip art long swirling hair or cartoony blowdryers etc.
so these were just a few floral ones I did(I really love flowers). I want something pretty, and the fact that they are adorably small make it even better. I figure I can hand them out to the new people who sit in my chair and hopefully they will pull out their card and request me when they re-book. That way I get more technical hours in, I get more crossed off on my checklist and more tips than anyone else.

(Obviously I blocked out the contact info on it for all you cyber stalkers out there!!)

I really like them and am hoping to have them ordered in the next few weeks before I start the floor (6 weeks!!)

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