Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Customized mini thank you cardlets

As many of you know I am the QUEEN of collecting paper. I have THREE of those large 3 drawer rubbermaid storage bins. They are the leaning tower of paper. Each drawer is jam packed full of paper. Scrapbook, cardstock, tissue, washi. It doesnt matter. I love paper.
So In order to get rid of some of it I decided to make little cards that you can customize for your etsy shop.

I just listed these yesterday over at my original shop Blueboygifts.
They are mini thank you cards(cardlets).

A pack of 20 various cards customized for your shop.
Each card measures 3 1/2 x 4 1/4. They are a solid cardstock or bazzill paper background with a coordinating scrapbook paper and a message for your buyers.
Each set of 20 comes with 6 or 7 designs, (2 to 3 of each type)

Each cardlet is tied off with raffia as a cuts finishing touch.
Hopefully this will help get some of my paper out of my house...so I can buy more.

I am also thinking about making them into gift bag tags, or other little cardlets for packages, notes etc. They would make cute little event reminders if you put a magnet on the back of them.

I can customize colors, personalize messages etc.
So please check them out at http://www.blueboygifts.com/

Also, I was tagged the other day by melissakate. I am not ignoring the request, I am just trying to think of something interesting that you guys dont already know about me. I am a pretty open book and there isnt a whole lot of mystery left to this old gal! So thanks to Melissakate for tagging me and I promise I will get to it soon!
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