Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tagged, again

I was tagged the other day by MelissaKate. Thanks!!
So here are 7 more random things about me you may not know.

1. All three of my kids were conceived while on Birth control. #1 was on the Ortho Cyclen BC Pill(Perfect use). #2 was conceived on Depo Provera a MONTH before i needed my next shot. So I SHOULD have been covered. #3 was courtesy of trojan and some faulty period math.

2. I bite my nails...DREADFULLY. I can get them to grow a little bit, but once they start looking nice, I bite them to the quick. I cant help it. It is an obsession. Especially if one gets little tag on it, or splits...the whoe thing needs to come off.

3. My son Peter was just named UNC childrens Hospital Ambassador of the Year. Basically he is a name and face of UNC childrens Hospital. We get to go to different events and Galas and stuff like that. We will be doing a photo shoot and he will be in the UNC Hospital magazine etc.

4. I worry too much about everything. Money, dinner, kids, school, money. You name it, I have worried about it. No wonder my hair is starting to silver.

5. I think some of Oprahs book club picks are VERY overrated. Sometimes i just kind of shake my head and wonder about her sanity.Some of her club books have been great, but others were just so "UGH" that I have no idea why she picked them. Friends with the author maybe?? who knows.

6. I DVR all my television shows and then FF through the commercials. I can watch 3 horus of television in half the time. I fast forward through the contestant intros etc on American idol, commercials, through Samantha Harris "interviews" on Dancing with the stars etc. I have shows that i watch EVERY NIGHT. Now that the writers strike is over, I have even more. My kids go to bed at 730 so from 8pm on the TV and the remote is mine. If hubby wants to watch TV he will watch what I am watching. THATS how I have a hub who watches DWTS. All the other shows we both like, so it works out nicely. If he has a show he wants to watch he can record it and then watch it on Saturday while I am at work.

7. I am a super speed reader. i can get through a Harry potter sized book (4 through 7) in less than a day. I was reading when i entered kindergarden and was in a 5th grade reading class in 2nd grade. I have always been a great reader and tested in the 99th percentile in reading and comprehension. I got almost a perfect score on my ACT in the Reading section.

Now I am not going to pick people to tag, SO if anyone reading this wants to be tagged, then TAG you are it. List 7 things about yourself, then pick 7 more people. Just refer back to my page as the tagger and list my blog as a link.
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