Friday, April 11, 2008

Tha Phantom Earache

My youngest son Finn has a serious medical condition. It is called "Dontwannadoitearacheitis"(DWDIEI)

This earache always manages to appear when we have plans that don't mesh with what HE wants to do. He will be perfectly fine then the DWDIEI will flare up. Usually within a minute or two. We have tried everything, but DWDIEI always comes back, ruining plans and other peoples enjoyment.

Places where DWDIEI has flared up:

the grocery store
the doctors office
out to eat

This week is spring break. Wednesday my mom and dad took us to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. It is about a 80 minute drive from Charlotte.

Finn had it in his head that we were going to Monkey Joes or Chuck E Cheese or somewhere "fun". We were about 1/2 of the way there when we stopped for lunch at McDonalds and told them where we were going. Peter was elated, as he loves the zoo. Finn pitched a fit. As soon as his happy meal was scarfed down DWDIEI the McDonalds.

We got into the car. He cried the 35 minutes to the zoo.
Cried in the parking lot, cried at the entrance.
Cried at the sea lions, cried at the monkey house.
Cried at the elephants, flamingoes, petting zoo, tigers, tortoises, ape island, lorikeet feeding cage, baboons, bears, meerkats, playground, carousel etc.
The whole time complaining "My ear hurts!" holding his hand over his right ear (although sometimes it was his left ear. strange how it switches ears)
I have compiled a few collages of our trip to the zoo for your enjoyment.
All day at the zoo he cried. He whined and cried some more.

As soon as we left his ear felt better. We got home and he was jumping on the trampoline within minutes, his ear had miraculously healed itself.

Funny how that works.

My mom says he is just like me.

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