Monday, April 28, 2008

Promises of Laughter Gala 2008

I will upload pictures and stuff later.
My in laws are in town for a few days so I am kind of swamped right now.

We had a great time, Peter was a hit in his little tuxedo!
Lots of pictures and fun things to talk about!!

But I will leave you with a quick blurb, nothing serious:
To the left is Kelly osbourne(daughter of ozzy and star?? of the MTV reality Hit the Osbournes)
Doesn't she know the rule?/ No white shoes after labor day!
tsk tsk tsk
my mother wold kill me if I showed up to a party with white shoes!! But my mom is a sticker for that kind of thing.
trivial and meaningless, I know. sorry to waste some of your brain cells on something so silly...
Picture is from yahoo week in photos OMG.
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